Protein, Amino Acids and Hair Growth| How it all works together

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protein and hair growthHow protein affects hair growth

Many people that suffer from hair loss take protein supplements in hopes of accelerating their hair growth. Although protein deficiency is not usually the cause of hair loss, adding protein and amino acids to your diet can improve the rate at which hair grows.

All cells found in our bodies are composed of protein. Protein absorbed from our food is broken down into amino acids during digestion. Amino acids are essential components in the make up of protein.
Hair growth is stimulated by a continuous flow of amino acids received from our blood stream. The hair follicle requires allot of energy because the hair follicle is one of the fastest growing cells in the body. If the hair follicle is not receiving enough amino acids, the rate at which the cell grows will decrease.

Types of Protein

Protein is either classified as complete or incomplete. Complete proteins are those sources of protein that contain adequate amounts of all nine amino acids. Some common sources of complete protein in our diet are meat, fish, poultry, eggs, milk and cheese. Incomplete proteins are lacking on one or more of the nine amino acids. Sources of incomplete protein in our diets are plants, grains, nuts, seeds and vegetables. As a result, Vegans may intake a considerable amount of protein but lack all of the nine amino acids. This is one reason that Vegans may need protein supplements.

What is the most important amino acid in hair production?

Cysteine is the most important amino acid when considering hair growth. An extension of a keratin protein bong, the sulfur molecules within this amino acids work together to produce disulfide bonds. These bonds are responsible for stronger hair. In order to see the benefits of faster hair growth, you have to retain what you grow. Stronger hair will allow you to retain more hair.

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