Are you looking for natural hair loss treatments? Try essential oils for hair loss!

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If you are looking for herbs for hair loss, try essential oils!

Sometimes it can be frustrating to spend money on expensive hair treatments that promise to grow your hair back. Many people looking for baldness remedies often want to try something natural. If you are interested in baldness remedies you can try herbs for hair loss such as essential oils. The benefit of using essential oils for hair loss is that they can be easily found and they are inexpensive compared to non natural hair treatments. Essential oils have been used for years to treat illness and have been used in spas to enhance the massage experience.

In a past study of 43 people with alopecia areata, 44% of the group found improvement in their hair growth after using essential oils for 7 months. Essential oils can be found at most health food stores. The most common essential oils for hair loss are rosemary, peppermint, and lavender. Rosemary in particular is known to stimulate hair growth. Essential oils must always be used with a carrier oil such as olive, jojoba oil, or castor oil. Essential oils can cause skin to become burned and irritated if they are used alone.

The best way to use essential oils is by using an applicator bottle which you can buy from the beauty supply store. To create an essential oil blend use 3 drops of rosemary, peppermint, and lavender. Add enough of your carrier oil to make sure the essential oils are properly diluted. For best results, you should use this mix daily. You can apply it on your finger tips and then gently massage your scalp. You should feel a warm sensation from the essential oils.

Massaging the scalp can provide blood flow and stimulate the follicles. If you are experiencing hair loss and you have follicles that have not “died”, massaging the scalp with essential oils can help to regrow your hair in those thinning areas. The best way to see results is to massage the scalp regularly for at least three months before you can see results. Essentials oils usually do not have any side affects however some people may be allergic to certain oils. If you are experiencing any irritation or redness of the scalp from using the oils, please discontinue using them.

Essential oils such as rosemary oil should not be used by pregnant women. If you are pregnant, please check with your doctor before you use essential oils.

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