Five ways to grow black hair longer.

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Do you want longer hair? Use these five black hair growth tips.

There is a myth that black hair cannot grow long but this is not the case. In order to grow black hair longer, you need to retain the hair that you grow. Black hair does indeed grow. If it did not, there would not be a need to get a relaxer every few months. One reason that so many black women are unable to retain the hair they grow is because African American hair often has a tight curl pattern which prevents the natural oils to flow down the hair shaft and as a result the hair is often dry. This dryness of the hair also causes the hair to break off. If you are interested in growing black hair follow these five tips.

  1. Eat healthy. Hair growth starts from within. What you ingest in your body can determine the health of your hair. When you have a vitamin deficiency your hair and nails will be the first places to show it because hair and nails are not needed to survive. Make sure that you are eating enough protein, vegetables, and drinking enough water. A poor diet can cause hair to become dry and dull. Without enough nutrients your hair may grow slower as well.
  1. Limit your use of heat appliances. Using heat appliances on a regular basis can cause your hair to become dry and break off. It is probably best to not use heat more than twice a month. If you must use heat use a heat protectant to protect your strands from heat damage. Roller setting the hair is a good way to avoid using a flat iron and blow dryer every week.
  1. Limit your use of chemicals. Over 70% of black women choose to use chemical relaxers to straighten their hair. Many women choose to relax their hair every six weeks. However the longer you are able to space out your relaxers the healthier your hair will be. Make sure that you only relax the new growth of the hair. The relaxer should not be applied to previously relaxed hair, which is called overlapping. Overlapping of the relaxer can weaken hair strands by causing them to become overprocessed.
  1. Deep condition regularly. If you choose to straighten your hair by using chemicals or by using heat it is important that you use a deep conditioner at least biweekly, preferably every week. You can sit under a hair dryer or a hair steamer which will allow the conditioner to penetrate better.
  1. Use a water based moisturizer as needed. Lack of moisture in the hair can cause breakage and can cause many women to think their hair is not growing when their hair is just breaking off. Your moisture should primarily come from your deep conditioner but there may be a few days that your hair may feel dry. Grease and heavy oils have been used to “moisturize” the hair but they only sit on top of the hair shaft and do not penetrate the hair. Any “moisturizer” that has oil as the first ingredient does not moisturize the hair. Look for a water based moisturizer to properly moisturize your hair. After you apply your moisturizer, you can choose to use a light coating of oil to “seal” in the moisture in the hair. This will allow the hair  to stay moisturized longer.
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